Grandma gave me urine to drink, minor infected with HIV reveals | ANG
  • December 5, 2023

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A 10-year-old girl infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV (name withheld), who was recently rescued alongside her 14-year-old brother by their neighbor and taken to Igando General Hospital, Lagos,Nigeria has revealed that their grandma gave her urine to drink.

According to the survivor, “our travails started after the death of our mother. Our father brought us to stay in grandma’s house (not their biological grandma). He practically abandoned us here. We have been out of school and our welfare has been an issue of serious concern as there is no regular feeding and we lack proper care.

“Grandma’s first and third son sexually abused me severally. Grandma is aware because she once caught the third son having sex with me, she then warned him seriously never to repeat such an act.”

It was learned that the travails of the 10-year-old survivor started when she fell sick late last year, and no care or treatment was provided for her by the grandma till their neighbor intervened and bore the cost of the treatment.

Unfortunately, the 10-year-old survivor fell ill again in May 2022. The grandma started giving the survivor her urine to drink due to the severity of the cough she had. However, a neighbor, who noticed her depreciating health, took it upon herself to take her to Igando General Hospital, Alimosho in Lagos Nigeria.

Tests and medications was carried out, After a series of tests conducted, it was discovered that she is now affected with HIV severely malnourished, anaemic, and can barely walk or talk.

Currently, the survivor and her brother are in dire need of assistance to help keep up with the hospital bills, food support, clothing and shelter.

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