Sudan’s capital runs short of water | ANG
  • September 21, 2023

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As Sudan’s rival generals on Wednesday made a new attempt at a 24-hour cease-fire after a failed truce the night before, Khartoum residents tried to stock up on water and other basic essentials.

Residents carried empty barrels and plastic containers through the capital to fill up with water from a tank.

Mohammad Qasem said there was a “big water problem” and added that people are “suffering a lot.”

Terrified Sudanese had fled Khartoum earlier in the day, hauling whatever belongings they could carry and trying to get out of the capital, where forces loyal to the country’s top two generals have been battling each other with tanks, artillery and airstrikes since Saturday.

The fighting became less intense in the first hours after a new cease-fire took effect at 6p.m. on Wednesday, with sporadic clashes continuing in the city centre.

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