• January 30, 2023

South Africa will not ditch coal ‘just like that’-Ramaphosa

Coal-rich but energy-starved South Africa will not immediately abandon its fossil-fueled electricity generating plants as it transitions to cleaner forms of power, President Cyril Ramaphosa said Sunday. South Africa, one of …

US secretary of state Anthony Blinken speaks to young people in Cairo Egypt

The strategic partnership between the U.S. and Egypt is of “great consequence”, according to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.He made the comment on Sunday in Cairo where he addressed a meeting …

DRC ready to welcome Pope Francis

In Kinshasa’s Ndolo airport everything is ready to welcome Pope Francis. The Holy Pontiff arrives on Tuesday in Kinshasa, capital of the DRC and Africa’s largest catholic country. Tomorrow I will …

Must read: Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30

Instead of sucking down your daily iced coffee with skim, sip on hot green tea, which may ward off wrinkles by fighting inflammation and improving the skin’s elasticity. And if you’re …

North Africa: Traditional food in Libya

Libyan dishes as North Africa’s region are often coloured and flavoured with a hot spice mixture. Enjoy!

The history of food in Madagascar

The cooking techniques and influences of French are used in most of the meals prepared in Madagascar.

Thinking of the West African Kitchen?

The West African culinary art is definitely an interesting, tantalizing and attractive one.