Pope Francis prays for peace in “war lacerated places” | ANG
  • April 22, 2024

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Pope Francis implored the Virgin Mary for peace in Ukraine and other war lacerated places in the world on Tuesday during a special prayer marking the Feast of the Assumption.

Assumption marks Mary’s ascension to heaven, an important holiday for the 1.3 billion catholic believers worldwide.

“Today we will trust in Holy Saint Mary and implore her for peace in Ukraine, in all the places lacerated by war, there are many, unfortunately. The noise of weapons covers the attempts for dialogue. The right to use force prevails over (human) rights. But we will not become discouraged. We will continue to hope and pray because God is the one who guides history, and who listens to us. Today, the day of our Lady, I greet the young people of the Immacolata,” said the Pope.

Hundreds of faithful from around the world gathered below the window of the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican to hear the Pope deliver his message.

The Pontiff concluded his remarks by asking the faithful to pray for him.

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