Pope calls for the end of conflicts on Easter sunday | ANG
  • April 25, 2024

Mali’s political parties appeal to Supreme Court

A group of Malian political parties and civil society organisations appealed to the Supreme Court on Monday to annul the junta’s ban on political activities. In a statement, the group said …

Rwanda says it is ready for migrants deported from UK

The Rwandan government said Tuesday it welcomes the decision by the British parliament to approve its migrant deportation bill. The legislation was finally pushed through late on Monday, two years after it …

Niger and US begin talks on withdrawal of American troops

Talks have begun between the authorities in Niger and the US for the withdrawal of American troops stationed in two airbases in the sahelian nation. On Tuesday both parties gave confirmation …

Thousands of people have gathered in Vatican City to celebrate Easter with the pope.

At Easter Sunday Mass, Pope Francis appealed for a ceasefire in Gaza, and for warring countries Russia and Ukraine to free the soldiers they’ve taken captive.

“In calling for respect for the principles of international law, I express my hope for a general exchange of all prisoners between Russia and Ukraine: all for the sake of all!”

The pontiff has been battling respiratory and mobility problems in recent months, and has been unable to carry out some of his regular speeches and duties.

Easter Sunday is Christianity’s holiest day of the year – the day that many believe Jesus Christ was raised from the dead after his crucifixion.

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