• June 2, 2023

DRC, ICC to strengthen cooperation in fight against war crimes impunity

The government of Democratic Republic of Congo and the International Criminal Court prosecutor signed Thursday (June 1st) a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their cooperation. The parties vowed to intensify the …

two pro-democracy MPs convicted of “terrorism in Eswatini

Two pro-democracy MPs in Africa’s last absolute monarchy, Eswatini, were found guilty on Thursday of terrorism and murder in connection with the wave of anti-regime protests that rocked the country in …

2 civilians and 50 “terrorists” killed in an attack in the north of Burkina

Two civilians and 50 “terrorists” were killed on Wednesday during a “complex ambush” against the military escort of a food convoy in northern Burkina Faso, the army general staff said in …

Floodwaters in central Somali left thousands of families displaced in Beledweyne, the city with the highest population density in the region.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported the Horn of Africa nation to have “more than 460,000 people have been affected, including nearly 219,000 people who have been displaced”, in early estimates.

Rising water level in Beledweyne forced a number of important facilities to close in the town including government offices and the town’s main hospital.

Local resident Hussein Yusuf told The Associated Press that it was the “worst flood we have ever experienced”, citing the size of the deluge and subsequent damage to property.

Residents fear a cholera epidemic and malaria outbreak if the floods continue

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