Kenya doctors strike extends into third Week | ANG
  • April 21, 2024

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The country’s Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists Union held Tuesday a protest in the western county of Kisumu while the union convened a general assembly of doctors, medical interns and students in Nairobi.

Talks between the government and the union have so far not borne any deal.

The striking professionals demand among other grievances comprehensive medical cover for the doctors, that the government posts 1,200 medical interns and accuses authorities of failing to implement a raft of promises from a collective bargaining agreement signed in 2017.

The striking professionals also demand the payment of salary arrears.

Local media reported late Monday that clinical officers have joined the doctors in the strike.

The impact of the 3-week strike is being felt across the country with many patients left unattended or being turned away from hospitals across the East African nation.

Many can’t afford going to private hospitals

Kenyan doctors began their nationwide strike on March 15.

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