Anxious wait for court ruling on petitions against presidential election in Nigeria | ANG
  • April 22, 2024

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Protesters gathered Wednesday (Sep. 05) outside Abuja’s Court of Appeal, where judges were expected to rule on whether President Bola Tinubu’s election victory was legitimate or not.

The opposition challenged the election results, arguing that Tinubu was not qualified to run for president because he was a citizen of Guinea and allegedly did not have the required academic credentials.

Tinubu has denied all the allegations.

“We are here to witness the judgement from the judiciary to let them know that the last hope of the common man, or a common Nigerian depends on the hands the judiciary. So, we are here to let them know that they should do the right thing, not to force Nigerian youths to occupy everywhere,” a protester named James said.

“We are waiting, we are keeping vigil, and we hope the right thing should be done. Judiciary must be responsible as Nigerians have decided to make, their children are Nigerians, they are Nigerians, they are part of this rot. Let them help us to rewrite this wrong for once,” a member of the Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy doubled down.

The tribunal is empowered to either uphold Tinubu’s February election win, declare someone else the winner, annul the vote or order a fresh one.

Whatever decision they make can be appealed at Nigeria’s Supreme Court.

The opposition has hinted at possible protests if the court rules in Tinubu’s favor.

Since Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999, all presidential elections but one have been contested in court. None were overturned.

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