Uganda says its operations in Congo have killed 567 IS-allied fighters | ANG
  • March 4, 2024

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Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has reported that since December 2021, more than 560 members of a rebel group linked to the Islamic State have been killed in Uganda’s operations.

This rebel group, known as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), is based in the jungles of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. They have been launching attacks in both Congo and Uganda.

With the permission of the Congo government, Uganda’s military launched operations against the ADF to destroy their camps and capture or eliminate their fighters.

President Museveni recently stated that they have successfully killed 567 ADF fighters and captured 50 more. They also seized 167 pieces of equipment from the rebels, including submachine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

Museveni emphasized that the ADF is in a desperate situation, and their only option now is to surrender. He urged businesses in Uganda, such as bus operators, markets, and hotels, to be vigilant and register all customers to prevent potential ADF attackers from using their facilities.

In recent developments, the Ugandan police have discovered at least six improvised explosive devices that the ADF planned to use, including one recovered from an individual just outside a church. This underscores the ongoing threat posed by the ADF.

The ADF has been responsible for several devastating attacks in Uganda, including suicide bombings outside a major police station and near the parliament building in 2021, which resulted in the deaths of seven people.

Additionally, in June of this year, a tragic incident occurred where 42 people, mostly students, were massacred at a school in Western Uganda.

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