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  • July 25, 2024

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President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani of Mauritania has secured his re-election for a second term after winning the national vote on Saturday.

He emerged victorious in the first round with a comfortable margin, garnering 56.1% of the votes.

His main opponent, anti-slavery activist Biram Dah Abeid, received 22.1% of the votes and has contested the results, alleging fraud.

The country’s independent electoral commission confirmed the results on Monday, with a voter turnout of 55% out of the 2 million eligible voters.

The constitutional court will now review the numbers before announcing the final results.

Taghioullah Ledhem, the spokesperson for CENI, the country’s independent electoral commission, stated that no detections have been made so far and no complaints have been received.

However, some opposition candidates have expressed a different perspective.

The commission consists of representatives from political parties, with its president appointed by the government, leading to accusations of collusion with Ghazouani’s regime.

Abeid, claiming to be the true victor, denounced the provisional results as an “electoral coup d’état” to benefit Ghazouani.

He accused the electoral commission of fraudulently awarding Ghazouni thousands of votes “out of nowhere.”

Abeid, speaking from his residence in Riadh, urged civil disobedience against the government and appealed to the military and security forces not to be manipulated by the government against the people.

He emphasized that the battle is not over, asserting that the people will continue to resist until the end.

Despite allegations of corruption and mismanagement from his opponents, Ghazouani, a former army chief, remains popular among Mauritanians who view him as a symbol of stability.

The election occurred amidst regional instability, with neighboring countries experiencing military coups and jihadi violence.

Mauritania boasts abundant natural resources such as iron ore, copper, zinc, phosphate, gold, oil, and natural gas.

The country is set to become a gas producer with the anticipated launch of the BP-operated Greater Tortue Ahmeyin offshore gas project on the Senegal border by year-end.

However, nearly 60% of the population lives in poverty, primarily engaged in farming or informal employment.

Due to limited economic prospects for youth domestically, many are seeking opportunities in Europe, and some are even attempting to reach the United States via Mexico.

Ghazouani’s victory solidifies Mauritania’s position as a key ally of the West in a region plagued by instability and violence.

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