Kenyan launches LGBTQ crackdown in schools | ANG
  • February 26, 2024

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The Ministry of Education in Kenya has initiated a campaign to address the perceived infiltration of LGBTQ advocacy in schools.

The new strategy will see the government establish chaplaincies in schools, minister Ezekiel Machogu told senators on Thursday.

There are fears the programme could see misinformation about LGBTQ people and same-sex relationships taught in schools.

Gay sex remains illegal but anti-gay attitudes have been hardening after last month’s ruling by the Supreme Court upholding the gay community’s right to register an association.

A committee has already been formed to deal with LGBTQ issues in schools, the minister said and suggested its role could include reviewing school literature.

It will be headed by an archbishop from the Anglican Church in Kenya.

“These are issues that we cannot be able to allow to infiltrate into our schools,” Mr Machogu said in a report by the BBC.

In February this year, the Kenyan government cracked down on foreign books with gay content that it feels targets, teenagers.

This was after a public outcry from parents with school-age children and religious officials who had demanded the government to do a thorough audit of books in the market and ban the ones with gay content.

It appears Kenya is doing its possible best to get rid of LGBTQ+ practices in the country.

Apart from Kenya cracking down on teen books with same-sex content, the government last September revealed it was in talks with Netflix to ban the streaming of LGBTQ movies.

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