• October 1, 2022

Airstrike in Ethiopia’s Tigray region kills civilians

An airstrike in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region killed at least five civilians earlier this week as the revived war continues, according to humanitarian workers and an internal document seen by The …

World Bank approves $750 million credit to boost Nigerian reforms

The World Bank has approved a US$750 million credit line for Nigeria to help the country push through reforms to attract investment and create jobs. Several states in Nigeria are struggling …

Liberated Mocímboa marks one year since liberation from Jihadist

In the port city of Mocímboa da Praia in northern Mozambique life is slowly coming back to normal. The city was liberated from jihadists a year ago. Since August 2020 that …

Look close to home If you are after something informal, just help whenever you feel the need. So many of us lack connection to our local area because we’re too busy. Get to know your neighbours. Offer to put their rubbish bins out when you are putting out your own. Mow their lawn, walk their dog or invite them in for coffee. You could even host a street or block party. You never know when you may need a favour in return.

Be charitable You may like to support the work of a charity organisation. Offer to help with office duties, communication, food and clothing deliveries, sorting donations, raffles or street collecting. Help distribute food and clothing to the homeless and those in need. Join a program to visit prisons or write to refugees and asylum seekers.
Retirement is a big deal. Both your lifestyle and your finances do an almost 180. Your time is spent in leisure not work and you go from earning money to spending. It is challenging to go from a focus on accumulation.
Boosting your health shows people who volunteer have better health and wellbeing. Some in the field, say it makes them happier, gives them a sense of self-worth and helps them sleep better. Other reports show that volunteering can help us live longer, improve our brain function and reduce our risk of depression and heart disease. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and have some fun!
Even if you forgo high-tech treatment and avoid skin problems such as cystic acne or dermatitis, which Saxena notes usually require intervention from an expensive dermatologist, a skin-care regimen itself can get very expensive, very quickly. Into The Gloss, a beauty website whose popular series The Top Shelf asks influential people to detail absolutely everything they do to their skin and hair, provides readers with a rare look at the litany of services and products required to keep the famous and wealthy looking that way. The most recent edition, from the veteran model Angela Lindvall, lists skin-care products that add up to $629, most of which come in small, quickly emptied packages. This price range is typical of The Top Shelf.
The moral halo around good skin isn’t a coincidence. The behaviors associated with a clear, even-toned complexion require those who want it to reject hedonism in a way that is still deeply ingrained as virtuous in American culture; that the wealthy have mastered the look reinforces capitalistic notions of success and who achieves it (the ascetic, dedicated, and hardworking).

A chance to give back Many people who have received help in the past, like to give something back to others. Maybe you may have been in hospital before and want to dedicate some time to other patients such as helping with personal care, reading or driving them to medical appointments. You may have a loved one has had a serious illness and you’d like to raise funds for research or support. Whatever you give is always appreciated. Africanewsguru update.

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