• June 2, 2023

DRC, ICC to strengthen cooperation in fight against war crimes impunity

The government of Democratic Republic of Congo and the International Criminal Court prosecutor signed Thursday (June 1st) a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their cooperation. The parties vowed to intensify the …

two pro-democracy MPs convicted of “terrorism in Eswatini

Two pro-democracy MPs in Africa’s last absolute monarchy, Eswatini, were found guilty on Thursday of terrorism and murder in connection with the wave of anti-regime protests that rocked the country in …

2 civilians and 50 “terrorists” killed in an attack in the north of Burkina

Two civilians and 50 “terrorists” were killed on Wednesday during a “complex ambush” against the military escort of a food convoy in northern Burkina Faso, the army general staff said in …

World Bank President David Malpass told a press conference in Niamey on Thursday that security and energy were “indispensable for development” in the Sahel, at the end of a two-day visit to Niger which is ranked among the poorest in the world.

“Today, energy is very important. We are the country with the lowest rate of electrification per capita. We are lagging far behind even in comparison with African countries. The fact that the World Bank is concentrating on this area is already something that is completely in line with our wishes. That is why I said that their commitment is in line with the priorities we have defined,” expressed Mohamed Bazoum , President of Niger.

The challenge of education was also highlighted in Niger which faces regular and deadly attacks by jihadist groups.

“Niger faces climate changes, the challenges from its borders and also very importantly the education challenge which is so huge. Niger has great opportunity and that is what we should seize on the opportunity to improve things,” concluded David Malpass.

Speaking in Niger, David Malpass defended his record for funding support for developing countries since becoming president of the Washington-based organisation and said further increases would probably be announced at the Bank’s spring meeting next month

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