• December 9, 2022

What Is the Definition of Philosophies of Education

first, its greater sophistication in terms of language and the interpenetration of language and research; secondly, its attempt to follow the modern example of science in empirical spirit, rigour, attention to …


What Is the Definition of Home Rule

The Faroe Islands are an autonomous country of the Danish Empire. Self-government was granted by the Danish Parliament in 1948 after an unsuccessful attempt by the Faroe Islands to gain full …


What Is the Definition of Colligation

Colligation is a type of collocation in which a lexical element is linked to a grammatical element. It`s not the end of the world is a common Lokution, but its synonym …

Link: www.scconline.com/blog/post/2016/02/13/uttar-pradesh-ushers-in-reform-in-land-and-revenue-laws/ (accessed August 26, 2022) – For the purposes of subsection (2), a house that existed on [June 3, 1995] on an owner`s land is, until proven otherwise, presumed to have been built by its occupant and, if the occupants are members of a family, by the head of that family.] (b) For the purposes of section 19, property in excess of its share shall be deemed to be held by it as an ex-ownership tenant liable to pay rent at the rent in effect on the day immediately preceding the date of acquisition. (i) lands [other than groves or lands to which section 16 applies, or lands to which subsection (3) of section 27 of the U.P. Tenancy (Amendment) Act, 1947 applies] in the Khasra or Khatauni of 1356-F, that was entitled under section 28 [33] or the U.P. Land Revenue Act, 1901 (U.P. Act III of 1901), or who was entitled to possession under clause (c) of subsection (1) of section 27 of the United Provinces Tenancy (Amendment) Act), 1947 (U.P. Act X of 1947); or explanation. – For the purposes of this Section, property income allocated, released, collected or reimbursed as a result of a donation or confirmation by the State or other competent authority to such an intermediary shall not be considered an amount payable to the Government as a basic income. [Note II. – where immovable property has been pledged as mortgage and the mortgagee takes out a second or subsequent mortgage on that immovable property for the benefit of the same or another person, the expression “at the time of the mortgage” means the date of the mortgage on the basis of which the mortgagee first transferred possession to the mortgagee.] (v) land owned by a city improvement trust under a plan approved under section 42 of the U.P. Town Improvement Act, 1919 (U.P.

Act V11 of 1919) or by a community for a plan referred to in clause (a) or section 8 (c) of the U.P. Municipalities Act, 1916 (U.P. Explanation I. – If a person referred to in paragraph (b) was expelled from the country after June 30, 1948; Notwithstanding any decision, he is deemed to be a person entitled to repossess the land.