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  • December 2, 2023

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The legal tender status of the £1 round coin weighing 9.5g was withdrawn in the UK on 15 October 2017, but unlike the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey, the Isle of Man has not withdrawn its legal tender status from its own £1 coins of the same specification. In 2017 [Update], the Isle of Man Treasury had no plans to introduce a 12-pound coin. Although no longer legal tender, the old £1,000 coins remained in use on the Isle of Man until 28 February 2018, after which only £1 million manx-1 notes and coins and £1 billion 12-sided coins will be accepted. [9] The Pound (Manx: Punt Manninagh; Abbreviation: IMP; Sign: £) is the currency of the Isle of Man, on par with the pound sterling. [1] The Manx pound is divided into 100 pence. Banknotes and coins denominated in pounds and pence are issued by the Isle of Man Government. The Isle of Man is in a de facto unilateral monetary union with the UK: the Manx government has decided to make the pound sterling legal on the island and secure its own notes and coins with Bank of England notes. In 1708, the Isle of Man government approached the Royal Mint and requested the issuance of coins for the island.[2] The mintmaster at the time, Sir Isaac Newton, refused. As a result, the first coin issue on the island took place in 1709.

This currency became legal tender on June 24, 1710. In 1733, Tynwald forbade the circulation of “base” coins (not silver or gold) that were not issued by the government. On 31 July 1961, the Isle of Man Government`s Banknotes Act revoked the licences of banks to issue banknotes. [10] The Isle of Man government began on March 3. In July 1961, the 10/- note was issued in denominations of 10/-, £1 and £5. In 1969, the 10/- note was replaced by a new 50 pence note as decimalization approached. £20 notes were introduced in 1979. A £1 polymer note was introduced in 1983, but discontinued in 1988. A £50 note was also introduced in 1983. The 50p note was retired in 1989.

The legal tender status (defined by IOM as similar to that of the United Kingdom) of the 10/, 50p and £1 polymer banknotes continued until 31 October 2013, and these banknotes remained in circulation (although rarely seen) until that date, after which they remain exchangeable in isle of Man Bank branches. [11] I was very happy with the 4-piece cash. The Irish notes, which I had for years and considered worthless, were worth more than fifty pounds, it`s worth looking for. A spokesman said the UK`s round books would be “gradually repatriated”. The Royal Mint spent a total of £1,000 on copper coins. After Tynwald passed the Copper Currency Act of 1840,[7] these were estimated at 12 pence per shilling. All coins issued before 1839 were declared obsolete by this law and recalled by the Customs Office and exchanged by the Royal Mint for the new currency at their original face value. After 1839, no more Manx coins were issued, and they gradually became rare and were replaced in general circulation on the island by the currency of the United Kingdom. They did not cease to be legal pieces about man until decimalization in 1971. Banknotes have been issued privately for the island since 1865.

Unlike Northern Irish and Scottish banknotes, the UK does not require the Isle of Man government to support Manx banknotes and coins with Bank of England notes or securities. Under UK law, there is no limit to the number of banknotes and coins they are allowed to issue, but similarly, manx banknotes are not legal tender in the UK as they have not been approved by the UK Parliament. [3] The banknotes and coins are not subscribed by the British Government or the Bank of England, and there is no guarantee of convertibility beyond that granted by the Manx authorities. [4] However, the requirement in the Island Currency Act 1992[1] that the Manx Treasury of the Isle of Man must exchange Manx pound notes for Bank of England banknotes on request restricts the issuance of unsecured currency and the total amount of notes issued must be pre-approved by Tynwald. [1] Manx government bonds may be exchanged for banknotes equivalent to the Bank of England at their face value upon request at any office of the Bank of the Isle of Man. [1] All banknotes and coins that are legal tender in any part of the UK (e.g. Bank of England banknotes) are legal tender on the Isle of Man. [1] The UK`s new 12-page £1 coins, designed to combat counterfeiters, will go into circulation on March 28. The old round coins will no longer be legal tender in the UK from 15 October. The first Manx currency was issued privately in 1668 by John Murrey, a Douglas merchant,[6] consisting of coins worth their English counterparts. These “Murrey Pennies” became legal tender in 1679 when Tynwald banned unofficial private coins in circulation before and next to John Murrey coins (English coins were also permitted by this law). We want to buy all your remaining pounds from the Isle of Man.

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