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We have tried Finnair`s Wi-Fi and internet connection on board several times on European routes. Read our review if it`s worth it. There was a toilet at the front of the cabin. Although it was quite simple, it was clean and reserved exclusively for business class passengers, so there was usually no line to use it. On board, the Business Class of this A321 was once again an economical product. Before I write anything else, I would like to mention that this is not a sponsored article. I paid for my tickets, and all opinions are my own. Therefore, the airline has nothing to do with this article, and what you will read in a moment is 100% my personal experience, an honest review of Aegean Airlines` business class. Aegean Airlines offers an intra-European product in above-average business class. The legroom is good, the flight attendants are friendly, and the food is generally better than what you`ll find on most airlines (although in this case I personally didn`t like the food). The authors of Flight-Report published 33 reviews from 2 airlines on the Athens (ATH) route → Paris (CDG).

Our flight was full – 10 of the 12 business class seats were occupied, and best of all I could say, almost all economy class seats were full too. I was grateful to have a little more room to stretch myself in relation to the economy. I only had one appointment to fly, and since I was coming from a Greek island, my options were limited. I was looking for rewards for the three main alliances, and my only option was in Aegean Airlines business class from Heraklion (HER) to Athens (ATH) to Frankfurt (FRA). I used 20,000 United MileagePlus miles to book the partner award, although I would have preferred a budget ticket for 15,000 miles. Fortunately, it`s relatively easy to earn MileagePlus miles because the program is a 1:1 transfer partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards. If you think your account balance is missing, you must sign up for the Sapphire Reserve or Preferred Reserve, both of which offer a 50,000-point sign-up bonus after spending $4,000 in the first three months after opening the account. Well, I always suggest business class, especially if you can afford it. I mean, you can go through check-in and security quickly, you have access to the lounge, you`re the first to disembark, and you`ll get your luggage quickly. All of this was important to me before Corona, and they seem to be even more relevant during Corona. Unfortunately, I can`t tell you anything about the quality of the food, but I think it will be good. You`ll probably fly in front of me (I`m planning a trip for the end of the month and another in November).

I would say that if you can afford it, go ahead. It will be a bit weird, like everything in these strange times, but the living room is open, and the service is – hopefully – good (no paper bags, no mini juice). He wrote 111 reviews on 46 airlines and 88 airports. We had our first Croatia Airlines experience from Helsinki to Split via Zagreb. We also flew split – Dubrovnik on the same holiday. Read our review to find out how we rated Croatia Airlines! As expected, Olympic Air`s disappointing business class consisted only of economy class seats with a permanent tray table above the middle seat. This happened while I was on a very tight schedule that had to come from Crete, Greece, frankfurt, Germany, with little notice. There were no cheap one-way flights and no economy class award seat. However, there was availability in business class. I had worse dilemmas, so I covered the extra miles and prepared for Aegean Airlines` business class in Europe.

I have been flying with Aegean Airlines for over a decade. As a Greek living in Berlin, I travel between the two cities 10-15 times a year and I always fly with Aegean. In recent years, I have also often flown in Business Class. As you can probably imagine, this is an upgrade, both in terms of money and in-flight services. So what you will read here is an honest review of Aegean Airlines` business class. I will try to cover all aspects of Aegean`s business class and give you some tips. There is no choice of starter or dessert, but there are two main meals that are offered. You can also pre-select your meal if you are travelling in Business Class up to 24 hours before departure. The cabin had nine passengers booked, and only five of us decided to have dinner during the flight. Breakfast was very good.

The service was perfect – this was my third Aegean business class flight and the service was always top notch on all three flights. The Covid-related registration form for the France was distributed after breakfast and picked up before landing. I have always had great service at Aegean Airlines and found the flight attendants to be friendly and attentive, and this flight was no exception. The two flight attendants who worked in business class were excellent and were constantly checked for passengers. Hello KévinDC, thank you for your comment. Yes, it was an A321neo. I agree, A3 offers very good food in the store. The other good thing, however, was that there was a private bus for business class passengers, so we were on the road almost immediately. Not only was the bus spacious, but arriving at a secluded stand, we were dropped off directly at baggage claim. We also had a pretty cool view of an Aeroflot 777 on our ride. The biggest problem was that the middle tray table I had put the coffee on collapsed during the flight, so the coffee was spilled everywhere, including on my laptop and Ford`s pants and shoes.

Oops.Aegean Airlines Business Class Coffee & Water My first business class flight with Aegean was long before Corona. The food was really delicious, and I agree it was some of the best (if not the best) I`ve had on intra-European flights. I`ve also heard about paper bags, but during Covid-19 I didn`t fly in business class. However, a few friends have flown with Aegean in business class over the past few months and told me that a) ATH`s lounge is open and b) the service is back to pre-Corona standards. I can`t tell you if there`s a difference in the menu, but I`ll also be flying in business class with A3 in a few weeks so I can keep you updated. Would you like to see more reviews about Business Class? Please let me know in the comments below. Reviews are meant to criticize a product. Telling a reviewer to “just enjoy” defeats the purpose of a review. Understand that in most cases, an examiner does not complain personally, but reports in detail on the product offered. It helps the consumer to choose between a business or an economy or even another airline.

The review also helps the airline understand what might be working or what is missing in its service. Honest criticism helps the airline to improve. It. Leaning back was the norm. Compared to the economy seats, it was decent. But even this was sold as a business class seat. On a recent trip from Zurich to Athens, the stars aligned and I had the chance to travel in business class on one of the new planes. There was a business unit with three computers and a printer. Thirty-five minutes later, we landed in Athens. The best advantage of Business Class was when disembarking.

Only business class passengers were allowed to depart first. After that, the other two passengers and I got on the bus, the doors closed quickly, and the bus accelerated. Overall, Aegean Airlines serves some pretty hearty meals. All business class passengers received an aperitif with a quinoa salad with smoked chicken and arugula leaves, a cheese dish with crackers, two rolls and a Greek pudding with raisins and nuts. Now, when you arrive at your boarding gate, you will see a lane for business class passengers. Then, when your flight is announced, you can board at any time from this separate lane. So sit back and enjoy the time before boarding. The curtain was closed behind the second row to separate the business from the economy, and there was a sense of intimacy.

Thank you very much for this report. I also find Aegean to offer excellent service in Business Class and overall, the value for money is one of the best among European carriers. I would advise readers planning to fly to British Columbia with them to book a meal in advance – online – as the selection is more interesting than the one on board. As is often the case on intra-European flights, Business Class simply consisted of economy class seats with a blocked center. On this particular flight, there were three business class rows, and then a red curtain separated that of the economy cabin. New features on the plane include these handy tablet/phone mounts, USB charging ports in all seats, and redesigned cushions in business class. The cabin crew (on the ground) offered menus on board and a choice of water, juice or Greek sparkling wine. I opted for a glass of water. There was no special equipment for this business class flight.