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The Indigenous Legal Service NSW/ACT (ALS) provides free legal advice and representation in criminal, custody and child protection matters. Call ESL on 1800 733 233 or visit their website at www.alsnswact.org.au. This publication is a general guide to the law. You should not rely on it as legal advice, and we recommend that you talk to a lawyer about your situation. Requests for legal assistance from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services (ATSILS) will be treated in the same way as all other requests. LSS also offers lawyers more hours to help clients whose family law issues require more time to resolve than originally thought. This will bring more cases to a stable solution. If ATSILS requests a disbursement allowance only for an appeal against a conviction and/or conviction by the District Court or Supreme Court, the case must be referred to a grant manager for decision. ATSILS may represent the plaintiff or defendant at a family dispute resolution conference at Legal Aid Queensland. The provision of legal assistance to ATSILS to represent clients at conferences on the resolution of family disputes in legal aid provides access to the dispute resolution service.

This is not a grant for which legal counsel is available or provided, and there is no fee. This position provides the five funded ALAP Centres with a point of leadership, expertise, coordination and acts in an advisory capacity for ALAP employees both individually and as a group. In addition, the position remains essential to maintain a focus on Indigenous lawful access issues in the broader New South Wales CLC network and to link the CLC sector to the broader justice community with respect to Indigenous service delivery strategies. This is evidenced by the work done by the Indigenous Coordinator of the CLCNSW to integrate Indigenous Cultural Competency training into new South Wales CLCs and to support the objectives of the new Indigenous Cultural Safety Standard, including by assisting CLCs in developing Reconciliation Action Plans (SAPs). Order brochures online from www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au (see Publication of the Order) Legal aid can be granted through ATSILS in family law proceedings in which a lawyer is authorised. The criteria for FUNDING ATSILS in family law proceedings can be found in the Grants Policy Manual. Before requesting atsils` assistance to represent more than one legally supported co-respondent, it conducts its own internal procedure (granting of assistance (by LAQ) to more than one co-respondent). A copy of the ATSILS internal authorisation must be attached to the aid application. LawAccess NSW can give you free information and, in some cases, legal advice about your legal issue.

Or they can refer you to another service. Call 1300 888 529 or visit their website at www.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au Legal Aid Queensland works with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service to provide legal assistance to eligible Indigenous peoples. The ATSILS legal aid applicant must comply with Legal Aid Queensland`s Resource, Orientation and Performance Test (if applicable). To ensure vulnerable Canberrans have access to essential legal assistance, the ACT government will provide funding assurance to three organisations in the 2022-23 ACT budget to provide essential legal services to those who need them most. “We also heard about the need for culturally appropriate legal services care and protection during our independent review of Our Booris Our Way, which is why we are funding innovative Indigenous legal services programs.” Legal aid may be granted through ATSILS in criminal proceedings before the District Court and the Supreme Courts, as well as in cases before the Supreme Court. Legal aid is usually not approved by ATSILS for obligations that are passed on to the district court, but when an application is received, it is examined. The funding criteria for ATSILS can be found in the Grants Policy Manual. If an application for legal aid is received by ATSILS on behalf of a client and the lawyer is approved, the granting of the aid will be returned to ATSILS, unless otherwise specified. Applicable grants can be found in the Child Protection – Party, Non-Party, Child (Direct Representation) section of the Grants Manual Contact UsFor more information about aLAP, please email CLC`s Program Unit, NSW Legal Aid, email clcprogram@legalaid.nsw.gov.au. And extended family members may be eligible for legal aid if they want to care for a child who might otherwise be in government custody. Lawyers support them in early and collaborative child protection processes before the court is involved – or in court if necessary.

Legal aid is generally not approved for obligations that are passed on to the district court, but if an application is received, it must be referred to a grant manager for decision. Other child protection services include paid lawyers who attend family case planning conferences with their legal aid clients in courts in Vancouver, Colwood (near Victoria) and Duncan. The collaborative process of family case planning conferences on court days helps people involved in child protection discuss issues such as access to a child or other caregivers. The Aboriginal Legal Access Program (ACAP) establishes and maintains relationships with Aboriginal communities and improves the delivery of legal services provided by CLCs to Aboriginal people. The new services include assisting Aboriginal legal aid clients with matters affecting their primary legal affairs, such as band membership applications or access to a benefits program. Clarify your legal issue now – act early. Phone: 1800 551 589 The centres provide families with a support team to help them resolve not only their legal problem, but also underlying non-legal issues such as housing or substance abuse, which often lead to protection issues. Wirringa Baiya is a community law centre for Indigenous women, children and youth living in New South Wales. They provide free legal advice and representation in relation to domestic violence. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld) Ltd is a non-profit, community-based Aboriginal organisation that is the leading provider of legal services to Queensland Aboriginal people in the areas of criminal, civil and family law.

If you urgently need legal advice, we may be able to advise you over the phone. Call us on 1800 551 589. We help people solve family problems as early as possible before they become serious. The Early Intervention Unit (ERT) is a specialist legal aid service in New South Wales. We can help you resolve your family law issues confidentially as soon as possible without having to go through a lengthy court process. Among the five CLCs who hold Indigenous legal access worker positions are: Attorney General Shane Rattenbury said the three-year funding will bring financial stability to these organizations. We are separate from the other family law lawyers at Legal Aid NSW. This means that there is no conflict of interest and we can help you even if you come into conflict with someone who receives help from Legal Aid NSW. LSS is now able to take a more generous approach to determining whether a person is financially eligible for family services. This means that people who may not have been able to get help in the past can now get a free lawyer to represent them. All of the above is part of a negotiated agreement with the Attorney General`s Office developed under the Australian Aboriginal Legal Services Guidelines. The early intervention unit can help you clear up the problem before it becomes serious.

Quote from Nadine Miles, Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT: Call 1300 888 529 or visit their website at www.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au If a preferred provider requests assistance on behalf of an applicant referred to them by ATSILS, the lawyer`s fees are payable unless clearly stated to the preferred provider and Legal Aid Queensland, that ATSILS pay the fees of the law firm. We also have Indigenous field agents to help you with money worries and family law. If you need to speak to an Indigenous Field Officer, please contact our Central Sydney office at 9219 5000 or the Indigenous Legal Department at 1800 733 233. These employees play a critical role in community engagement, connecting and bridging the gap between CLCs and their local Indigenous communities. Success is reflected in the increased awareness and access to services by members of the Indigenous community since the founding of ALAP.