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Yacht Legal Traineeship

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Write a Detailed Note on the Salient Features of the Legal Services Authority Act 1987

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West Tennessee Legal Services is a nonprofit organization that supports individuals, families, and communities in civil matters. We help low-income people with some legal problems. Legal aid is also available for some people who are homeless or do not have a regular and reasonable night. Legal problems must be brought before the civil or administrative courts. We help people with consumer issues such as buyouts, foreclosures, creditor harassment, contract and agency issues. We provide education and legal assistance to parents who have children with special educational needs who have problems in their special education at school. We provide legal advice and representation in obtaining SNAP, unemployment benefits, SSI or Social Security disability insurance. WTLS offers free legal assistance in civil law matters. Our resources are limited and, unfortunately, we cannot help everyone who needs it. We set our case priorities each year based on the contributions of our community members.

If you would like to tell us which types of cases you consider most important, please complete our priority survey. For over forty years, we have been providing free legal aid to those in need. Ashley holds a bachelor`s degree in communications from the University of Tennessee at Martin and a juris doctor from the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law. Prior to joining WTLS in 2009, Ashley worked in private practice dealing with consumer insolvency and family law matters. Ashley is a member of the Tennessee Bar Association and a member of the executive committee of the Southwest Tennessee Area Agency on Aging and Disability. She was a member of the Tennessee Bar Association`s Leadership Law Class in 2014, was named one of the Jackson Sun`s Top 40 Under 40 in 2015, and received the B. Riney Green Award in 2017. We provide guidance and representation in obtaining or maintaining AFDC/Families First, SNAP, SSI, Social Security Disability, Unemployment, TennCare, Medicare, and access to special education services. We are a nonprofit organization that provides civil legal assistance to underserved individuals, families, and communities in 17 counties in West Tennessee. You can apply for legal aid by calling (731) 423-0616 ext.

250 or (800) 372-8346 ext. 250. Do you have a housing problem? Use the 200 extension. Our employees advise and represent victims of domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, elder abuse, financial exploitation and other violent crimes. Legal services include protection orders, divorce, changing of custody, contempt and representation of victims in criminal courts. Madison, Decatur, Gibson, Hardeman, Haywood and Henderson. If you wish to file a complaint, please read our complaint form. The landlord provides personal information about tenants as well as conflicts of interest in the property manager Nhung graduated from Bethel University in 2012 with a double degree in Business Management and Accounting. She then attended the University of Texas – Permian Basin and earned her MBA in 2018. She has been an auditor since 2014. Prior to joining WTLS, Nhung was an audit manager specializing in non-profit and government accounting. Nhung joined WTLS in 2021 and was appointed CFO in 2022.

Have you ever used this desk for anything? What did you think? Information: wtls@wtls.orgWebmaster: jennifer@wtls.org. 113 West Paris Street Huntingdon, TN – 38344 Phone Number: (800) 372-8346 Fax: (731) 986-8977 WTLS is a HUD-approved housing advisory body, a program of fair housing initiatives, and provides education and representation in cases of illegal evictions and other landlord-tenant issues, as well as assistance to landlords, including those threatened with foreclosure or foreclosure, by helping them modify their loans and other Problems with home ownership help. WTLS` Fair Housing Project aims to eliminate discrimination in the housing market and ensure equal housing opportunities for all people through education, awareness-raising, policy initiatives, advocacy and law enforcement. You can learn more about the Fair Housing Act, hate laws and the Fair Housing Act, as well as predatory lending on our blog. Supervised Counties: Benton, Carroll, Henry and Weakley Catherine (Cathy) is a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Law. She returned to WTLS in 2015 after serving as a civil litigator for more than two decades and the Tennessee Supreme Court approved Rule 31 of the Civil and Family Mediator. She is a member of the Tennessee Bar Foundation and a member of the Howell Edmunds Jackson American Inns of Court (Master and President), the Lawyers Association for Women, the Tennessee Bar Association, and the Jackson-Madison County Bar Association. Cathy is a member of the Tennessee Bar Association`s Access to Justice Committee, the Tennessee Supreme Court Advisory Commission on Rules of Practice and Procedure (Vice Chair) and the Tennessee Association of Legal Services (Board Executive Committee and Past Chair). We advise and represent in debt collection, redemption, claims harassment, credit counseling, seizure, student loan collection, unfair sales practices as well as contract and warranty issues. Browse our library of free resources organized by topic Call or visit a local office to see how we can advise and represent WTLS seniors aged 60 and over, with a focus on utilities, health care, housing, consumers and simple wills, powers of attorney and living wills. What child care options are available to me? Kinship Foster Care (Family Caregiver Program) – If the Ministry of Children`s Services (DCS) has custody of your grandchild because of.

WTLS advises and represents in various family law matters, including divorce, custody and child support. Services are very limited due to the volume of requests received.