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I am giving a starting point, but one would have to call or go to the actual organizations to clarify the actual requirements, phone numbers or detailed processes for using these …


Yacht Legal Traineeship

Stemming from our heritage of over 100 years of Dutch craftsmanship, Damen Yachting today is a strong international team of 500 men and women. From our North Sea headquarters in Vlissing, …


Write a Detailed Note on the Salient Features of the Legal Services Authority Act 1987

Taluk legal services committees are also formed for each taluk or mandal or for groups of taluk or mandals to coordinate the activities of taluk legal services and organize lok adalats. …

Right now, reading vinted`s updated catalog rules and wondering if anyone else is a little confused by some of the points in the “business activities” section (which you are not allowed to do). What puzzles me is that this seems to be in direct conflict with some of their new ads, one of which promotes the sale of handmade Christmas decorations by a family, I believe? I wanted to try selling on Vinted but the rules seem too complicated, they don`t seem to want professional sellers either. The site seems to be run by control freaks. I sell items online as a side business and make a decent profit with Vinted compared to other platforms, because it`s so popular right now. It`s just one of a kind and sometimes handmade, so I don`t put anything that is obviously produced solely for commercial purposes, but I`m afraid it will eventually lead to my blockage? I just feel like the mixed messages are weird and I would like to know if anyone else can relate to them? Thank you:) I don`t know why I`m writing this, because it`s clear how much of a company is a deception, and no one at Vinted really cares. But I was robbed twice this week and not only does Vinted literally not care, but I was advised to report a problem, which I did, and they still finished the order and gave my money to a clear scammer. As a company, why not follow your own rules and why, if there is clear and obvious evidence that someone is stealing, you ignore it completely??? No one is running this business properly. I have already pointed out to you, and many others as well. EBay doesn`t seem to have this problem. Supporting thieves so blatantly is not a cool look. Fix it. If you want to set up an online clothing store, you need to be prepared to deal with dissatisfied consumers.

Every ecommerce entrepreneur needs to know how to handle buyers` refunds according to the platform`s rules and regulations. If you are thinking of becoming a clothing retailer using this online sales software, take a look at Vinted`s refund protocol. If I could give a zero rating, I would be a salesperson and the customer service is horrible, there are not only automated bots no email complaints no complaints complaint number, they snatch a lot of people from sellers and buyers! They charge a nominal fee, which is a complete lie, there are no conditions are lies there the compensation conditions are lies Who monitors this company? And why not follow the laws, I think I`m done with this company and ebay is much better and improved, they have actually listened to their customers and changed, avoid using ebay horribly and they have to stop fake advertising on TV as just lies keep vinted fair and safeThese changes to the catalog rules will be reflected in how moderated the Vinted marketplace is. The old rules will continue to apply until December 29. From 29. In December, if you sell something on the Vinted Marketplace, you need to follow the updated catalog rules, which you can find here. How does Vinted work compared to buyer contests? You should expect the return to arrive when the report is accepted. Once you confirm receipt of the package (or the shipment is marked as canceled), the platform will refund the buyer. This refund covers the cost of the product, fees and taxes. However, buyers will not receive compensation for the cost of returning the package and the necessary packaging.

Vinted is aware that some sellers may harm buyers, intentionally or unintentionally. A buyer protection service is created so that shoppers, their purchased products and payments can stay safe – it prevents fraudsters from making money easily with Vinted. Buyer Protection applies to each transaction and remains in effect until the end of the order. However, buyers must first pay a mandatory buyer protection fee upon purchase, which is automatically calculated before an order is confirmed. Terrible customer service. When the buyer`s item arrived, it`s a completely different item, I sent pictures and asked Vinted to refund, they asked me to carefully remove the label from the packaging (which is impossible as it`s a sticker so it also tears the bottom label) They take forever to pay back, keep saying they`re on it, But in fact, nothing has progressed for ages. Why do you need to check with the carrier if I have paid buyer protection and clearly received the wrong item?! Why can`t you refund me immediately and deal with the mail later if you really need it? What`s the point of a buyer protection policy if it`s clearly a scam (read lots of other reviews with similar experiences here)Please refund immediately If the purchased item is in poor condition or does not match the description, consumers can contact the seller and raise their concerns via the I have a problem button. However, before customers can request a refund, they must send proof. I`ve heard of resellers who were banned when Vinted found out they were actually running a business. I make sure my profile says I only sell my own personal items At first I loved Vinted.It was fantastic for baby clothes and no delivery issues as I was able to use the Evri relay in my city (in fact, there are 2). Now Evri Paketshop / Evri is no longer an option for all items and I get the message “Item cannot be delivered to your location”.

I live in Scotland.No explanations, but I guess it`s a national problem because of the volume of mail with Evri. I even tried again to deliver to a parcel shop at my mother`s (Cheshire), I can`t choose it. Vinted will not realize that there is a problem, or even admit that I have ordered many items about Evri in the past. I would say the site would work just fine if it weren`t for Evri who is completely incompetent and isn`t updating his website to say he has suspended deliveries. On the other hand, it`s up to you to decide whether buyers should be compensated in other cases – for example, if they don`t like the item they bought or if the item in question isn`t suitable. You can authorize the return of the item, but you do not have to. The platform does not interfere no matter what you decide. Never use VINTED – This is a SCAMI who bought something from Vinted, although I kept asking the buyer for a tracking number – they never gave me one. Since VINTED has a very flawed process – even if the seller has not received a tracking number within 2 days, he will consider the product sent and I only have 48 hours to solve a problem too short, because if the seller does not respond, it is you. Then, when I sue VINTED for help, they refuse to say it of my fault since I had the 48 hours to argue, otherwise the money will go to the seller.

The fact is that I also paid buyer protection at the time of purchase, but I am not protected and NO REFUND and the SELLER refuses to answer/refuse the refund. Do not use this website with problems that are never resolved!!! You don`t want to know that they`re not interested at all, you can never talk to anyone, it`s always an automated response!!! DON`T COME ANY CLOSER!!! This must be done within two days of delivery. This sales software will then put the buyers` payment on hold until the issue is successfully resolved. If buyers click the Everything is OK button or miss this two-day mark, a refund will not be possible. Shocking return policy. In the end, I had to pay the return shipping even though the seller missed it! Said shoes were a 5 while they were a 4. To avoid at all costs! Vinted has divided prohibited items into illegal, restricted or dangerous categories. See them here. So, frustrated can not even start selling, because for some reason, always comes back to the United States and prices are quoted in $. I tried to switch to the UK and £ but sorry the messages advise impossible to change location! I tried to contact customer service but no luck! If you and the customer have agreed to return the product, you must provide them with the correct shipping details, after which they will have three days to return the package. Only after receiving the package will the refund be made.

In December, changes to the Vinted catalog rules come into effect.