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It is illegal to park within 15 feet on either side of a fire hydrant, including floating parking lanes (adjacent to protected bike lanes). Many streets in New York City have alternative page rules that allow street cleaning. The Alternative Parking Calendar lists public and religious holidays with alternative side parking suspensions planned. Learn more about parking rules for alternative sites Download the parking calendar on the alternative site (pdf) Hi Larry! Thank you very much for your help! I am from MA and I visited New York. I received a “No bus stop standing” parking ticket. There were no signs, no yellow border, no signs on the sidewalk, in other words. Nothing in front of my “parking lot”. There was a bus stop two cars away in front of my car. I was unaware of my violation, and I paid not one, but two parking passes (the second, just before I found the ticket on the windshield) Even the paste I showed the permit on the dashboard, the warrior wrote N/S displayed under permit, N/A under license number and N/S under license type.

May I swear not to plead guilty? since I live in the MA and 10 days have passed, do you think that fighting against the ticket via the Internet will be a good option? Good afternoon. If I read the information you provided correctly, the bus stop was temporarily moved during ticket issuing hours. I was recently fined for parking at a bus stop without stopping, but the signs are incredibly confusing. First, the bus stop sign apparently indicated the FIN of the area, because when I went back to inspect, the bus stopped behind. The only clue, however, was an arrow on the shield pointing to that side of the block. There was another official parking sign right next to the bus stop sign, then one behind a little further (I had parked in front of the official sign behind the stop). But how could I have known that the sign indicated the end and not the beginning of the bus stop? There was also a hydrant before the bus stop sign, so I just assumed that no buses would stop at a fire hydrant. Apparently, I was wrong. I hate being an opponent, but was there a bus stop? Was it visible? Only taxis are allowed to wait in these areas. There are no regulations. This means you can`t wait to stop and unload packets, but you can load or unload people quickly. Do not interfere with taxis when they stop.

miles to travel before learning all the ticklish parking rules and regulations of New York. However, here are 10 tips to remember to always park safely and avoid those costly parking tickets. Honestly, I don`t know the parking lanes (don`t think it was on the driving test! I usually look at the signs) such a stupid question – the rounded white line on the school pole determines where legal parking ends? Is the type of notice common near bus stops or does it usually only extend to the next parking sign? What happens if the parking space is indicated by a {new} solid line painted white ending in 2 car lengths after the next road sign? This indicates the end of the bus stop, making it look like a legally designated parking lot. W23rd near FDR, that is| >Steet Bus Stop|> [2 parked cars (Looks like this) The respondent made a statement that did not disturb the bus and provided 6 photos of the area, but did not explicitly indicate where the vehicle was parked. In addition, New York law requires a bus stop to go from the sign to an intermediate order or to the end of a block. Agency records show that the location indicated on the summons was a bus stop. Maintain the subpoena. So, my question is, how did you “take a baby”? Was it in another car? Was the other car also in the bus stop area? Why did you stop in the bus stop area to do the pickup? Yikes, Renata.

Here`s a blog post that explains exactly what to do to decline the second ticket. newyorkparkingticket.com/tippecanoe-and-nyc-parking-tickets-two/ I`m a little confused parenthetically. Why did you pay for a taximeter and park illegally in a bus stop area? Please enlighten me. A bus stop stretches from the STOP SIGN in the direction of the small arrow under the small bus on the STOP SIGN, until: Hi, my house is next to the bus stop, we have been living here for seven years. The bus stop sign is between my house and my house next door. There is no sign (no parking). We always parked one of our cars in front of the house, but this year on Father`s Day, my husband got one (bus zone ticket). I appealed online. I send pictures that there is no sign (no parking) and that we are not blocking the yellow sidewalk. Today I received one later that we have to pay for my husband to be guilty. Can you tell me what I need to do now? Hi, I also received a ticket for “no standing bus stop” in the Bronx, NY. It was almost 11pm and I didn`t see the sign indicating the bus stop (a vehicle was parked in front of me).

My car was on, I never turned off the engine. I checked the DOT map and it does not allow me to see the signs indicating the route and if there should be a sign indicating the end of the bus stop. I checked Google Maps and it seems that there is no sign that the last bus stop is therefore placing my vehicle in the bus stop area. My question is: How effective would the defence be to explain that I stopped for health reasons (need to check my blood sugar because I am not feeling well) and that I was in a vehicle when the ticket was issued? Would the use of health-related reasons also affect me in any way? If you park in the direction of a bus stop arrow, but there is a hydrant in between, and your car is past the fire hydrant, would the hydrant be an end point for the bus stop distance as in the scene of another sign? If you see this, you are in a parking space reserved for buses. The sign indicates which buses stop there, their destination and the address of the bus stop. There are no permanent rules, so don`t wait or stop loading and unloading packets. If you are fast, you can quickly drop off or pick up passengers. Most of the normal streets I`ve seen don`t have a line between the parking lots and the street. So I assume that no line is allowed to park as long as it corresponds to the road signs? All of New York City is a designated towing area under state vehicular and traffic laws. This means that any vehicle that is parked or driven illegally or whose registration or inspection stickers are missing or expired can be towed.

On major holidays, stop, stop and park are allowed, except in areas where stop, stop and parking rules apply seven days a week (for example, “No stop at any time”). Hi So, my situation is that I received two tickets. One ticket had expired for registration, another for parking in a bus zone. I left my sister in the car while I ran to help my mother with her purchase, I disabled her and I have trouble moving with her prosthetic leg, the car drove with my sister in it. The “warrior of the meter” would have come to the car. When asked where the driver was, my sister was inside and she was moving the car. The guy replies, “Not too late, I`m writing the ticket.” So, a ticket for registration expired. I paid for the registration renewal a week before, I just didn`t have the updated registration in my possession. The other ticket was for the bus zone. Is there something that can`t be done or should I just vacuum it up and pay for the ticket? newyorkparkingticket.com/no-standing-bus-stop/ Many streets in the neighborhood offer free, cheap parking if you know where to look, but prices vary block by block. Visit our full New York City street parking map to see which streets offer free parking and which streets have paid parking.

You will also find parking and the cheapest parking options. Each price is marked so you know exactly what to expect. I just received a parking ticket in a bus stop ticket. I was parked 5 feet in front of the first sign. There was plenty of space between the front of my car and the beginning of the bus stop sign. Is there a route that must be left outside the first bus stop sign? I am not sure why I received the ticket. I just got hit with a parking ticket in a public parking lot.