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Absolute. We work with a number of global clients to ensure they have the perfect music needed for their diverse business needs. This app is great!!! I just wish there was a way to add more notes. The selection is great, but with this app, I like to convert pop and video game music into a music box, but sometimes the notes are too high or too low, so I can`t recreate the song. I just want to use a wider range. We`d be happy to show you how it works. You can reach us at sales@rxmusic.com or 866.284.3269. No, it is not. We are an on-demand music service with media natively stored on the local system. This means that the music will be played 100% without interruption, regardless of your internet connection. When the internet connection is active, it is used to download new songs to the local system in the background without interrupting the music. When you buy music, whether it`s digital files or a CD, you`re buying a license to “rent” the content for yourself. No matter how much music you buy for yourself, that music should not be played in public.

Once played in a commercial environment without a proper license, it infringes copyright as it is then considered a public performance requiring a separate license. Organize your entire music library, whether it`s on your hard drive or online. Freemake Music Box stores all your music in one place. Rename or delete files and adjust the order of songs. Organize music collections by genre, theme, mood, or date. First, you need to know about performing rights organizations (PROs) that register artists, songwriters, musicians, and publishers. There are three main PROs in the United States – ASCAP, BMI, GMR and one in Canada – SOCAN. For example, if you choose to purchase your own license from a single PRO, that license allows you to use copyrighted music that is represented only by that PRO, but not by the others. It is important to know that many songs have more than one songwriter, composer and publisher. In many cases, they belong to another collecting society. Therefore: It is recommended to purchase a global license with each PRO to cover all your tracks.

Acquiring these licenses can often be expensive, and creating and submitting monthly reports can be a lengthy and tedious process. The best (and easiest) course of action would be to use a company that collects these royalties on your behalf, like RX Music! The RX Music Voting app gives you the ability to engage your customers and get direct feedback on the music played on the site. Do DJs or live bands have to pay for music licenses? Music is an essential service. We offer our customers 24-hour emergency technical support. You can always contact our technical support team at support@rxmusic.com or 866.284.3269. How do I get licenses to listen to music in a company? If you do not obtain the necessary permits, you may be held liable for damages. Industry representatives visit thousands of companies every day looking for those that infringe copyright. If you`re caught playing music illegally (not from an authorized supplier), PROs, labels, songwriters, and publishers can fine up to $150,000 per song.

Watch music videos from YouTube for your favorite music. Or you can simply hide the video in front of the software interface. No. While we offer a variety of constantly updated playlists to cover all commercial environments, we best customize a music program tailored to your unique environment where you don`t have to listen to the same content over and over again. So, no, you won`t. I`m not used to writing reviews, but this app deserves it! Everything sounds so pretty and it`s so easy to use and make your own songs and it sounds like a music box. The only problem is that I can`t save the songs on my phone, I can only save the songs in the app. I`d love to be able to upload the songs I make to a Dropbox or my Google Drive or something like that! But I will :) I`ve been using one of Tanaka`s other apps, MusicHarbor, for years to keep up with new music from my favorite artists.

This is another app that seems to have been created for those who are most passionate about music. It is an absolute must for music lovers. A commercial environment is a space that is typically open to the public, including, but not limited to, retail stores, bars and restaurants, shopping malls, meeting rooms, trade shows, office buildings, and even music on hold while your customers wait. Of course! We can ensure that your content is analyzed by a team of music experts and certified for explicit and offensive material that flags anything inappropriate before it can even arrive at your station. A copyright is the exclusive right granted to the creator of a creative work to reproduce or license that work to another person or company. It can be anything from a song to a book. When it comes to music copyright, one of those exclusive rights is to make money from that intellectual property. As a business, if you listen to music without permission, you are directly committing copyright infringement and can be held liable. No, with our mobile app, you can control your music wherever you are. Enjoy the variety of music you like. Just search for a song or genre and Freemake Music Box will display the available versions: original, cover, duets, lyrics, mixes, karaoke, medley, parody, etc. Rock, metal, pop, jazz, gospel, dubstep, classical, instrumental and new wave await you.

Not necessarily. In the case of live performances, the venue is almost always responsible for obtaining the appropriate license(s). PROs do not offer live entertainment artists such as DJs and bands the opportunity to purchase public performance licenses. Licensing requirements also change if the company charges admission to an event where music is played for entertainment. Music streaming services are designed for consumers, not businesses, and are licensed for personal use only. A Public Performance License (PPL) is required to play music in all public places. Your RX Music subscription doesn`t rely on a solid internet connection, but it certainly helps. We are not a streaming service. If for some reason there is no internet available, your music will continue to play.

No more buffering or waiting for your ISP to fix a modem. It is not recommended to have your station offline forever – your RX Music hardware will need to connect to our servers from time to time to receive music, software and license updates. Universal audio player for offline and online music. Supports 40+ audio formats: MP3, M3U, FLAC, M4A, WMA, APE, WAV, AAC, etc. Lossless audio playback. Search, play, sort, stream your favorite songs in real time. Watch great music videos! 42 million tracks are available for free: rock, metal, pop, jazz, rap, hip hop, dubstep. Create custom playlists. Absolutely free and legal. Stream music from YouTube in real time. More than 42 million songs available. Enter an artist, genre, song, or album in the search bar.

Choose a track from dozens of relevant results. View the associated audio. Watch YouTube music videos. Play any song without downloading. We`re always here for you. It means everything it takes to keep good music working, day in and day out, all over the world. Our top-of-the-line curation service provides convenient music management to our most demanding customers. When you need to take full control of your brand, you want to work with us, hand in hand, to create the best music program available. Contact our team and we will introduce you to a personal music programming consultant. There is a world of difference. Not only does RX Music run ad-free programs, but you also have the ability to set the right music for your brand. Our team of resident music experts work tirelessly to ensure that each of our clients has the best music mix.

For more information, contact sales@rxmusic.com I love this app, I just wish there was a way to know what to choose to create certain songs. I`m a big fan of Elvis Presley and country music, but I`m not a musical genre. I would love to be able to do Elvis songs here, but no idea what notes to choose or how many lines to choose, etc. Enter a music query such as song title, artist or album and Freemake Music Box will provide instant results for all tastes. Even rare, indie and old! Use smart music suggestions and autocorrect. Is there anyone I can talk to about how music complements and reinforces my brand? Create and save custom playlists for later playback. Import your existing playlists from other music players: Winamp, AIMP, Windows Media Player, VLC, etc. Supported formats: M3U, M3U8, ASX, TPL, KPL, WPL, AIMPPL, PLC, PLS, RLC, ZPL, XSPT, SMI. Freemake Music Box is an all-in-one offline desktop media player, music search tool and online streaming tool. The software is easy to use. Click the green “Download” button at the top to get the program. Drag and drop your audio files and listen to your music collection.

No limits, no subscriptions, no fees. Only legal YouTube music is indexed. Music Box PlayerWith Music Box Player, you can create your own music box songs. You can play lullabies with the sound of a music box. A big advantage: endless and until everyone is asleep! At first, you have three songs to choose from.