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350 Rowe Boulevard, Annapolis, MD 21401 | MD Toll Free (800) 235-4045 or (410) 260-6400Fax: (410) 974-2525 | Email: msa.helpdesk@maryland.gov | Itinerary and opening hours In the left-hand column, we have listed the name of the county, the district number assigned to that court, the abbreviation of the county, and the letter used to designate that district under the case numbering system used by the court since 1983. Maryland Judicial Case Search is an online database that allows visitors to locate and track cases throughout the state of Maryland. THE DISTRICT COURT ARCHIVES CENTRE DOES NOT DEAL DIRECTLY WITH INDIVIDUALS. TO ACCESS YOUR RECORDS, PLEASE CONTACT THE NEAREST DISTRICT COURT OR THE MARYLAND STATE ARCHIVES. For more information about deletions, see the Deletion FAQ page. MSA T3334 – (Criminal Appeals Docket), 1953-1983 HF MSA T3046 – (Stet Docket), 1852-1952 MSA T3065 – (Bastardy Papers), 1953-1964MSA T4256 – (Criminal Records), 1928-1963MSA T4255 – (Criminal Records, Index), 1953-1996 58, 1975 MSA C531 – Trial MAS (Docket), 1939-1971 MSA T2587 – (Criminal Record), 1990, 1993, 1995MSA T2968 – (Natural Resources File), 1991-1992 MSA, 1996, 1999, 2001 CW MSA C530 – JUSTICE of the Peace (Record), 1813-1869, 1914-1939MSA T4410 – (Criminal Records), 1957-1993 For several years, the registration centre has been microfilming and destroying records. You create two main roles for Film. They send one to the Maryland State Archives and keep one for their use. They access recordings of the film through a Kodak Records acquisition system, known as KARS. When documents are deleted, they are removed from the computerized records access system.

Since the deleted disc is still on the movie, it is a limited series of recordings. Any district court or Maryland State Archive may obtain a fax copy of a record from the District Court Record Center. We can also make copies directly from the film by obtaining the roll and image numbers from the District Court Archive Centre. MSA SM250 – (criminal record, index), 1973, 1979-1981 MSA C107 – MAGISTRATE OF FIRST INSTANCE (roll), 1939-1942, 1950-1951 MSA C66 – PEOPLE`s COURT (Docket), 1964-1971MSA C105 – JUSTICE OF THE PEACE (file), 1833-1939 MSA T1080 – (criminal roll), 1917-1918 OR, 1939-1964, 1990-1992, 1994 (All district court rolls from 1971 to 1989, 1993, 1995-? are located in the district court archives.) MSA S464 – (criminal record), 1971-1975MSA T1174 – (file), 1875-1899, 1902-1906, 1920-1933 ORMSA T3670 – (natural resources file), 1995 OR MSA T2840 – (special procedures file), 1972-1987, 1990 OR, 1981-1986, 1991 MSA, 1995-1996 HF The Maryland State Archives hold a variety of criminal records from all 23 counties, the City of Baltimore, and the courts of appeals. Access to these records varies by jurisdiction, court and time period; The following is a guide to modern criminal records at the Maryland State Archives. In addition, many court records prior to July 1971 contain volume indices. MSA T961 – (file), 1779-1952MSA T962 – (Stet file), 1892-1952MSA T2185 – (criminal records, transcripts and exhibits), 1953-1985 MSA, 1973-1993 OR MSA CM1274 – (criminal appeals), 1993-no inventoryMSA T5084 – (criminal file), 1952-1975MSA T5054 – (criminal file, index), 1948-1978. Many clues are still in the possession of the district court.

If you need to apply to a district court, please see the list of District Courts in Maryland. The modern system of district courts was established in July 1971. Prior to this date, each district had a number of subordinate courts, each with its own methods of creating and storing records. When these tribunals ceased to exist, their records went to different places. Many of them came to the Maryland State Archives to be stored. These documents were listed under the name of the court of origin. Some records have been included in the district/district court records, sent here and listed under the name of the district/district court. Some cases are still in the custody of the District Court. Others may have been lost. We have listed the cases we have for the various courts below in the District Court section of the Guide. The district court system has established a central case management centre in Annapolis that is responsible for the many cases that the courts have created over the years.

This facility is known as the District Court Record Center or more commonly known as the District Court Warehouse. The Maryland Circuit Court System was founded in 1851. The Guide to Travelling Court Criminal Records follows the same format as the District Court Criminal Records Guide. The left-hand column lists the name of the county, the middle column lists the criminal records we have, and the right-hand column lists the indexes in our possession. Again, some of the individual routing slips have volume indexes.