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An EDC knife refers to a pocket knife that is part of your daily transportation (EDC). Blade critic Tony Sculimbrene told us that a good EDC knife “should be able to do general utility tasks like opening packages and boxes and, if you go out, outdoor/camp tasks like preparing food and carving/carving in the light.” Although these are the fundamental reasons for carrying a knife, their usefulness is much more universal. Within three weeks, I used pocket knives to sharpen pencils, get Legos between boards, cut tie threads, remove an event bracelet, open a bag of chicken food, cut the strange thread hanging from a shirt, and remove ticks and chips when tweezers aren`t available. People ask me, “What is the best EDC knife?” My answer is always, “It depends. That`s because the best everyday transport knife depends heavily on what you do for a living and the uses you want to use. Your situation may be best suited by a multi-tool, or maybe you have an outdoor job where a larger fixed blade works best. Maybe you work in a warehouse and need to disassemble large quantities of cardboard. You might be in an office where a small blade does the job while you don`t end up in HR because you scare people. Here are my tips for the best EDC and multi-tool knives that adapt (almost) to any situation.

For a better quality knife in the rescue category, check out the detail-oriented Spyderco Assist FRN. Every inch of this knife is designed for safety and rescue professionals, from the blunt tip (no accidental injuries) to the SpyderEdged blade (for cutting seat belts) with a small part of the smooth edge for a detailed cut. The two knives of the Adamas family from Benchmade – manual and automatic styles – are made with an incredibly sturdy construction. We are talking about almost half a pound with these knives and blades, which are hardened to an exceptional degree for maximum durability. And Adamas knives are also quite customizable, with your choice of bet type paired with black or olive-colored dreary scales and flat or jagged blades. If you`re looking for a knife that won`t stop (and you don`t mind having a little more weight), Benchmade is for you. Benchmade is a respected manufacturer of reliable, high-quality pocket knives based in Oregon, USA. They sell more Griptilian models than any other knife and the reason is simple – it`s arguably the best versatile EDC knife under $100. The Griptilian with patented Axis lock has won the hearts of knife lovers since its original release a few years ago. Make no mistake, it`s a high-quality knife that excels in almost every department and always costs less than $100, making it a good deal.

In accordance with the above criteria, we have selected 28 knives that we can request for a first-hand look. Our list has mainly focused on well-known manufacturers such as Benchmade, CRKT, Gerber, Kershaw and Spyderco. We`ve also added a few outliers: the Spyderco Delica 4 and Dragonfly 2 have the two-handed locking system, but are considered two of the best models available in the world of knives. In addition, we reviewed two traditional files with locks. These models, from Buck Knives and Case, also have a two-handed opening that rests on the notch of the nail. Finally, a few knives with clippoint blades found their place in our tests, mainly because their high popularity and good reputation made it difficult to ignore them in a comprehensive evaluation of the category. For this review, we didn`t look at multi-tools like the Swiss Army knife or the Leatherman New Wave (we have a separate guide for these). With a Victorinox Tinker, a little creativity, and enough macGyver repetitions, you could make a space station from what you find in an abandoned warehouse.

Well, maybe not, but you can definitely take care of most of the things that come up in the house or on the way with one of these bad guys. The Tinker is a classic design that has been around for a long time because it works. It has everything you need and nothing you don`t need. Ok, I doubt you`ll need the reamer with a sewing eye, but you never know. The Tinker was my first knife when I was 5 years old, and I was sure I could do it all. In fact, one of the first things I did was cut myself because the blades didn`t snap. This is the only real drawback of any of them. The Tinker is ideal as a standalone EDC item, but it`s also a great companion for a fixed blade or locking knife.

I have one in my truck, my EDC backpack and “the drawer” at home. Knives and EDC multi-tools are one of my passions. I buy and sell a lot of them, and I appreciate the good ones. If you`re new to knives and multi-tools, don`t let all the choices overwhelm you. As you try new things, your preferences will change and what you like now, you may not like after using a different knife or multi-tool. Just start wearing one and you`ll quickly see what works for you and what doesn`t. Once you get used to using a good tool for EDC, you`ll wonder how you did it without one. No gears: The main advantage of gears is that they offer the possibility of cutting the rope. On the other hand, they are difficult to sharpen and do not make such a sharp cut.

Sculimbrene writes on his website: “I don`t like spikes. I don`t do enough rope cutting tasks for the gears to be worth the sharpening effort they cause. Jackson agreed: “If you keep your on-board gauge simple, you`ll never fail to have spikes. We are also not impressed with Sanrenmus` customer service, so we question the company`s stated warranty.